§ 478.122 Records maintained by importers.

  1. a.(a) Except for adjustment or repair of a firearm that is returned to the person from whom it was received on the same day, each licensed importer shall record the name of the importer and manufacturer, type, model, caliber or gauge, country or countries of manufacture (if imported), and serial number (including any associated license number either as a prefix, or if remanufactured or imported, separated by a semicolon) of each firearm imported or otherwise acquired (including a frame or receiver to be disposed of separately), the date of such importation or other acquisition, and if otherwise acquired, the name and address, or the name and license number of the person from whom it was received. Privately made firearms shall be recorded in accordance with § 478.125(i). The information required by this paragraph shall be recorded not later than 15 days following the date of importation or other acquisition in a format containing the applicable columns set forth in paragraph (b) of this section.

  2. b.(b) A record of each firearm disposed of by an importer and a separate record of armor piercing ammunition dispositions to governmental entities, for exportation, or for testing or experimentation authorized under the provisions of § 478.149 shall be maintained by the licensed importer on the licensed premises. The record shall show the date of such sale or other disposition, and the name and license number of the licensee to whom the firearm was transferred, or if disposed of to a nonlicensee, the name and address of the person, or the transaction number of the Firearms Transaction Record, Form 4473, if the licensee transferring the firearm sequentially numbers the Forms 4473 and files them numerically. In the event the licensee records a duplicate entry with the same firearm and acquisition information, whether to close out an old record book or for any other reason, the licensee shall record a reference to the date and location of the subsequent entry ( e.g., date of new entry, book name/number, page number, and line number) as the disposition. The information required by this paragraph (b) shall be entered in the proper record book not later than the seventh day following the date of the transaction. Such information shall be recorded in formats containing the applicable columns below, except that for armor piercing ammunition, the information and format shall also include the quantity of projectiles:

    1. Table 1 to Paragraph ( b )—Firearms Importer or Manufacturer Acquisition and Disposition Record
      Description of firearm Import/manufacture/acquisition Disposition
      Importer, manufacturer, and/or "privately made firearm" (PMF) (if privately made in the U.S.) Type Model Caliber or gauge Country or countries of manufacture (if imported) Serial No. Date of import, manufacture, or acquisition Name and address of nonlicensee; or if licensee, name and license No. (if acquired) Date of disposition Name Address of nonlicensee; license No. of licensee; or Form 4473 transaction No. if such forms filed numerically

    2. Table 2 to Paragraph ( b )—Armor Piercing Ammunition Importer or Manufacturer Disposition Record
      Date of disposition Manufacturer Caliber or gauge Quantity of projectiles Transferee—name and address

  3. c.(c) The Director may authorize alternate records to be maintained by a licensed importer to record the acquisition and disposition of firearms and armor piercing ammunition when it is shown by the licensed importer that such alternate records will accurately and readily disclose the information required by this section. A licensed importer who proposes to use alternate records shall submit a letter application to the Director and shall describe the proposed alternate records and the need therefor. Such alternate records shall not be employed by the licensed importer until approval in such regard is received from the Director.