§ 555.201 General.

  1. a.(a) Section 842(j) of the Act and § 555.29 of this part require that the storage of explosive materials by any person must be in accordance with the regulations in this part. Further, section 846 of this Act authorizes regulations to prevent the recurrence of accidental explosions in which explosive materials were involved. The storage standards prescribed by this subpart confer no right or privileges to store explosive materials in a manner contrary to State or local law.

  2. b.(b) The Director may authorize alternate construction for explosives storage magazines when it is shown that the alternate magazine construction is substantially equivalent to the standards of safety and security contained in this subpart. Any alternate explosive magazine construction approved by the Director prior to August 9, 1982, will continue as approved unless notified in writing by the Director. Any person intending to use alternate magazine construction shall submit a letter application to the Director, Industry Operations for transmittal to the Director, specifically describing the proposed magazine. Explosive materials may not be stored in alternate magazines before the applicant has been notified that the application has been approved.

  3. c.(c) A licensee or permittee who intends to make changes in his magazines, or who intends to construct or acquire additional magazines, shall comply with § 555.63.

  4. d.(d) The regulations set forth in §§ 555.221 through 555.224 pertain to the storage of display fireworks, pyrotechnic compositions, and explosive materials used in assembling fireworks and articles pyrotechnic.

  5. e.(e) The provisions of § 555.202(a) classifying flash powder and bulk salutes as high explosives are mandatory after March 7, 1990: Provided, that those persons who hold licenses or permits under this part on that date shall, with respect to the premises covered by such licenses or permits, comply with the high explosives storage requirements for flash powder and bulk salutes by March 7, 1991.

  6. f.(f) Any person who stores explosive materials shall notify the authority having jurisdiction for fire safety in the locality in which the explosive materials are being stored of the type, magazine capacity, and location of each site where such explosive materials are stored. Such notification shall be made orally before the end of the day on which storage of the explosive materials commenced and in writing within 48 hours from the time such storage commenced.