§ 555.109 Identification of explosive materials.

  1. a.(a) Each licensed manufacturer of explosive materials shall legibly identify by marking all explosive materials he manufactures for sale or distribution. The marks required by this section must identify the manufacturer and the location, date, and shift of manufacture. The licensed manufacturer shall place on each cartridge, bag, or other immediate container of explosive materials manufactured for sale or distribution the required mark which shall also be placed on the outside container, if any, used for their packaging.

  2. b.(b) Exceptions.

    1. 1.(1) Licensed manufacturers of blasting caps are only required to place the identification marks prescribed in paragraph (a) on the containers used for the packaging of blasting caps.

    2. 2.(2) The Director may authorize other means of identifying explosive materials upon receipt of a letter application from the licensed manufacturer showing that other identification is reasonable and will not hinder the effective administration of this part.

    3. 3.(3) The Director may authorize the use of other means of identification on fireworks instead of marks prescribed in paragraph (a) of this section.