§ 479.34 Special tax registration and return.

  1. a.(a) General. Special tax shall be paid by return. The prescribed return is ATF Form 5630.7, Special Tax Registration and Return. Special tax returns, with payment of tax, shall be filed with ATF in accordance with instructions on the form. Properly completing, signing, and timely filing of a return (Form 5630.7) constitutes compliance with 26 U.S.C. 5802.

  2. b.(b) Preparation of ATF Form 5630.7. All of the information called for on Form 5630.7 shall be provided, including:

    1. 1.(1) The true name of the taxpayer.

    2. 2.(2) The trade name(s) (if any) of the business(es) subject to special tax.

    3. 3.(3) The employer identification number (see § 479.35).

    4. 4.(4) The exact location of the place of business, by name and number of building or street, or if these do not exist, by some description in addition to the post office address. In the case of one return for two or more locations, the address to be shown shall be the taxpayer's principal place of business (or principal office, in the case of a corporate taxpayer).

    5. 5.(5) The class(es) of special tax to which the taxpayer is subject.

    6. 6.(6) Ownership and control information: That is, the name, position, and residence address of every owner of the business and of every person having power to control its management and policies with respect to the activity subject to special tax. “Owner of the business” shall include every partner, if the taxpayer is a partnership, and every person owning 10% or more of its stock, if the taxpayer is a corporation. However, the ownership and control information required by this paragraph need not be stated if the same information has been previously provided to ATF in connection with a license application under Part 478 of this chapter, and if the information previously provided is still current.

  3. c.(c) Multiple locations and/or classes of tax. A taxpayer subject to special tax for the same period at more than one location or for more than one class of tax shall—

    1. 1.(1) File one special tax return, ATF Form 5630.7, with payment of tax, to cover all such locations and classes of tax; and

    2. 2.(2) Prepare, in duplicate, a list identified with the taxpayer's name, address (as shown on ATF Form 5630.7), employer identification number, and period covered by the return. The list shall show, by States, the name, address, and tax class of each location for which special tax is being paid. The original of the list shall be filed with ATF in accordance with instructions on the return, and the copy shall be retained at the taxpayer's principal place of business (or principal office, in the case of a corporate taxpayer) for not less than 3 years.

  4. d.(d) Signing of ATF Forms 5630.7—

    1. 1.(1) Ordinary returns. The return of an individual proprietor shall be signed by the individual. The return of a partnership shall be signed by a general partner. The return of a corporation shall be signed by any officer. In each case, the person signing the return shall designate his or her capacity as “individual owner,” “member of firm,” or, in the case of a corporation, the title of the officer.

    2. 2.(2) Fiduciaries. Receivers, trustees, assignees, executors, administrators, and other legal representatives who continue the business of a bankrupt, insolvent, deceased person, etc., shall indicate the fiduciary capacity in which they act.

    3. 3.(3) Agent or attorney in fact. If a return is signed by an agent or attorney in fact, the signature shall be preceded by the name of the principal and followed by the title of the agent or attorney in fact. A return signed by a person as agent will not be accepted unless there is filed, with the ATF office with which the return is required to be filed, a power of attorney authorizing the agent to perform the act.

    4. 4.(4) Perjury statement. ATF Forms 5630.7 shall contain or be verified by a written declaration that the return has been executed under the penalties of perjury.

  5. e.(e) Identification of taxpayer. If the taxpayer is an individual, with the initial return such person shall securely attach to Form 5630.7 a photograph of the individual 2 × 2 inches in size, clearly showing a full front view of the features of the individual with head bare, with the distance from the top of the head to the point of the chin approximately 1 1/4 inches, and which shall have been taken within 6 months prior to the date of completion of the return. The individual shall also attach to the return a properly completed FBI Form FD-258 (Fingerprint Card). The fingerprints must be clear for accurate classification and should be taken by someone properly equipped to take them: Provided, That the provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to individuals who have filed with ATF a properly executed Application for License under 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44, Firearms, ATF Form 7 (5310.12), as specified in § 478.44(a).