§ 479.90 Certain government entities.

  1. a.(a) A firearm may be transferred without payment of the transfer tax to or from any State, possession of the United States, any political subdivision thereof, or any official police organization of such a governmental entity engaged in criminal investigations.

  2. b.(b) The exemption provided in paragraph (a) of this section shall be obtained by the transferor of the firearm filing with the Director an application, Form 5 (Firearms), Application for Tax-exempt Transfer and Registration of Firearm, in duplicate, executed under the penalties of perjury. The application shall (1) show the name and address of the transferor and of the transferee, (2) identify the Federal firearms license and special (occupational) tax stamp, if any, of the transferor and of the transferee, (3) show the name and address of the manufacturer and the importer of the firearm, if known, (4) show the type, model, overall length (if applicable), length of barrel, caliber, gauge or size, serial number, and other marks of identification of the firearm, and (5) contain a statement by the transferor that the transferor is entitled to the exemption because either the transferor or the transferee is a governmental entity coming within the purview of paragraph (a) of this section. In the case of a transfer of a firearm by a governmental entity to a transferee who is a person not qualified as a manufacturer, importer, or dealer under this part, the transferee shall be further identified in the manner prescribed in § 479.85. If the Director approves an application, Form 5 (Firearms), the original Form 5 (Firearms) shall be returned to the transferor with the approval noted thereon. Approval of an application, Form 5 (Firearms), by the Director shall effectuate the registration of that firearm to the transferee. Upon receipt of the approved Form 5 (Firearms), the transferor shall deliver same with the firearm to the transferee. The transferor shall not transfer the firearm to the transferee until the application, Form 5 (Firearms), has been approved by the Director and the original thereof has been returned to the transferor. If the Director disapproves the application, Form 5 (Firearms), the original Form 5 (Firearms) shall be returned to the transferor with the reasons for the disapproval stated thereon. An application by a governmental entity to transfer a firearm shall be denied if the transfer, receipt, or possession of a firearm would place the transferee in violation of law.

  3. c.(c) The transferor shall be responsible for establishing the exempt status of the transferee before making a transfer under the provisions of this section. Therefore, before engaging in transfer negotiations with the transferee, the transferor should satisfy himself of the claimed exempt status of the transferee and the bona fides of the transaction. If not fully satisfied, the transferor should communicate with the Director, report all circumstances regarding the proposed transfer, and await the Director's advice before making application for transfer. An unapproved transfer or a transfer to an unauthorized person may subject the transferor to civil and criminal liabilities. (See 26 U.S.C. 5852, 5861, and 5871.)