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  • § 555.125 Records maintained by permittees.

    (ii) Name or brand name of manufacturer;

  • § 555.129 Exportation.

    Exportation of explosive materials is to be in accordance with the applicable provisions of section 38 of the Arms Export Control Act (22 U.S.C. 2778) and implementing regulations. However, a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed dealer exporting explosive materials shall maintain records showing the manufacture or acquisition of explosive materials as required by this part and records showing the quantity, the manufacturer's name or brand name of explosive materials, the name and address of the foreign consignee of the explosive materials, and the date the explosive materials were exported. See § 555.180 for regulations concerning the exportation of plastic explosives.

  • § 555.184 Statements of process and samples.

    (a) A complete and accurate statement of process with regard to any plastic explosive or to any detection agent that is to be introduced into a plastic explosive or formulated in such plastic explosive shall be submitted by a licensed manufacturer or licensed importer, upon request, to the Director.

  • § 555.105 Distributions to limited permittees.

    (2) A licensed importer, licensed manufacturer or a licensed dealer may distribute explosive materials to a holder of a limited permit if such permittee is a resident of the same State in which the licensee's business premises are located, the holder of the limited permit presents in person or by mail ATF Form 5400.4, Limited Permittee Transaction Report (LPTR), and the licensee completes Form 5400.4 in accordance with § 555.126(b). In no event will a licensee distribute explosive materials to a holder of a limited permit unless the holder presents a Form 5400.4 with an original unaltered and unexpired Intrastate Purchase of Explosives Coupon (IPEC), ATF Form 5400.30, affixed. The coupon must bear the name, address, permit number, and the coupon number of the limited permittee seeking distribution of the explosives.

  • § 555.163 False entry in record.

    Any licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or permittee who knowingly makes any false entry in any record required to be kept under subpart G of this part, shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.

  • § 555.127 Daily summary of magazine transactions.

    In taking the inventory required by §§ 555.122, 555.123, 555.124, and 555.125, a licensee or permittee shall enter the inventory in a record of daily summary transactions to be kept at each magazine of an approved storage facility; however, these records may be kept at one central location on the business premises if separate records of daily transactions are kept for each magazine. Not later than the close of the next business day, each licensee and permittee shall record by manufacturer's name or brand name, the total quantity received in and removed from each magazine during the day, and the total remaining on hand at the end of the day. Quantity entries for display fireworks may be expressed as the number and size of individual display fireworks in a finished state or as the number of packaged display segments or packaged displays. Information as to the number and size of display fireworks contained in any one packaged display segment or packaged display shall be provided to any ATF officer on request. Any discrepancy which might indicate a theft or loss of explosive materials is to be reported in accordance with § 555.30.

  • § 555.181 Reporting of plastic explosives.

    All persons, other than an agency of the United States (including any military reserve component) or the National Guard of any State, possessing any plastic explosive on April 24, 1996, shall submit a report to the Director no later than August 22, 1996. The report shall be in writing and mailed by certified mail (return receipt requested) to the Director at P.O. Box 50204, Washington, DC 20091-0204. The report shall include the quantity of plastic explosives possessed on April 24, 1996; any marks of identification on such explosives; the name and address of the manufacturer or importer; the storage location of such explosives, including the city and State; and the name and address of the person possessing the plastic explosives.

  • § 555.102 Authorized operations by permittees.

    (a) In general. A permit issued under this part does not authorize the permittee to engage in the business of manufacturing, importing, or dealing in explosive materials. Accordingly, if a permittee's operations bring him within the definition of manufacturer, importer, or dealer under this part, he shall qualify for the appropriate license.

  • § 555.45 Original license or permit.

    (1) License. Any person who intends to engage in the business as an importer of, manufacturer of, or dealer in explosive materials, or who has not timely submitted an application for renewal of a previous license issued under this part, must file an application for License, Explosives, ATF F 5400.13, with ATF in accordance with the instructions on the form. ATF Form 5400.13 may be obtained by contacting any ATF office. The application must:

  • § 555.32 Special explosive devices.

    The Director may exempt certain explosive actuated devices, explosive actuated tools, or similar devices from the requirements of this part. A person who desires to obtain an exemption under this section for any special explosive device, which as designed does not constitute a public safety or security hazard, shall submit a written request to the Director. Each request shall be executed under the penalties of perjury and contain a complete and accurate description of the device, the name and address of the manufacturer or importer, the purpose of and use for which it is intended, and any photographs, diagrams, or drawings as may be necessary to enable the Director to make a determination. The Director may require that a sample of the device be submitted for examination and evaluation. If it is not possible to submit the device, the person requesting the exemption shall advise the Director and designate the place where the device will be available for examination and evaluation.