§ 555.223 Table of distances between fireworks process buildings and other specified areas.

  1. Distance from Passenger Railways, Public Highways, Fireworks Plant Buildings used to Store Consumer Fireworks and Articles Pyrotechnic, Magazines and Fireworks Shipping Buildings, and Inhabited Buildings. [3][4][5]
    Net weight of fireworks [1] (pounds) Display fireworks[1] (feet) Consumer fireworks[2] (feet)
    Above 500Not permittedNot permitted.

  • 1.

    Net weight is the weight of all pyrotechnic compositions, and exposive materials and fuse only.

  • 2.

    While consumer fireworks or articles pyrotechnic in a finished state are not subject to regulation, explosive materials used to manufacture or assemble such fireworks or articles are subject to regulation. Thus, fireworks process buildings where consumer fireworks or articles pyrotechnic are being processed shall meet these requirements.

  • 3.

    This table does not apply to the separation distances between fireworks process buildings (see § 555.222) and between magazines (see §§ 555.218 and 555.224).

  • 4.

    The distances in this table apply with or without artificial or natural barricades or screen barricades. However, the use of barricades is highly recommended.

  • 5.

    No work of any kind, except to place or move items other than explosive materials from storage, shall be conducted in any building designated as a warehouse. A fireworks plant warehouse is not subject to § 555.222 or this section, tables of distances.