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  • § 479.85 Identification of transferee.

    (a) If the transferee is an individual, such person shall:

  • § 479.63 Identification of applicant.

    (a) If the applicant is an individual, the applicant shall:

  • § 479.26 Alternate methods or procedures; emergency variations from requirements.

    (a) Alternate methods or procedures. Any person subject to the provisions of this part, on specific approval by the Director as provided in this paragraph, may use an alternate method or procedure in lieu of a method or procedure specifically prescribed in this part. The Director may approve an alternate method or procedure, subject to stated conditions, when it is found that:

  • § 479.34 Special tax registration and return.

    (a) General. Special tax shall be paid by return. The prescribed return is ATF Form 5630.7, Special Tax Registration and Return. Special tax returns, with payment of tax, shall be filed with ATF in accordance with instructions on the form. Properly completing, signing, and timely filing of a return (Form 5630.7) constitutes compliance with 26 U.S.C. 5802.

  • § 479.90 Certain government entities.

    (a) A firearm may be transferred without payment of the transfer tax to or from any State, possession of the United States, any political subdivision thereof, or any official police organization of such a governmental entity engaged in criminal investigations.

  • § 479.89 Transfers to the United States.

    A firearm may be transferred to the United States or any department, independent establishment or agency thereof without payment of the transfer tax. However, the procedures for the transfer of a firearm as provided in § 479.90 shall be followed in a tax-exempt transfer of a firearm under this section, unless the transferor is relieved of such requirement under other provisions of this part.

  • § 479.114 Application and permit for exportation of firearms.

    Any person desiring to export a firearm without payment of the transfer tax must file with the Director an application on Form 9 (Firearms), Application and Permit for Exportation of Firearms, in quadruplicate, for a permit providing for deferment of tax liability. Part 1 of the application shall show the name and address of the foreign consignee, number of firearms covered by the application, the intended port of exportation, a complete description of each firearm to be exported, the name, address, State Department license number (or date of application if not issued), and identification of the special (occupational) tax stamp of the transferor. Part 1 of the application shall be executed under the penalties of perjury by the transferor and shall be supported by a certified copy of a written order or contract of sale or other evidence showing that the firearm is to be shipped to a foreign designation. Where it is desired to make a transfer free of tax to another person who in turn will export the firearm, the transferor shall likewise file an application supported by evidence that the transfer will start the firearm in course of exportation, except, however, that where such transferor and exporter are registered special-taxpayers the transferor will not be required to file an application on Form 9 (Firearms).