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  • § 555.123 Records maintained by licensed manufacturers.

    (a) Each licensed manufacturer shall take true and accurate physical inventories which will include all explosive materials on hand required to be accounted for in the records kept under this part. The licensed manufacturer shall take a special inventory

  • § 555.11 Meaning of terms.

    Blasting agent. Any material or mixture, consisting of fuel and oxidizer, that is intended for blasting and not otherwise defined as an explosive; if the finished product, as mixed for use or shipment, cannot be detonated by means of a number 8 test blasting cap when unconfined. A number 8 test blasting cap is one containing 2 grams of a mixture of 80 percent mercury fulminate and 20 percent potassium chlorate, or a blasting cap of equivalent strength. An equivalent strength cap comprises 0.40-0.45 grams of PETN base charge pressed in an aluminum shell with bottom thickness not to exceed to 0.03 of an inch, to a specific gravity of not less than 1.4 g/cc., and primed with standard weights of primer depending on the manufacturer.

  • § 555.103 Transactions among licensees/permittees and transactions among licensees and holders of user permits.

    (i) A licensed importer, licensed manufacturer or licensed dealer selling or otherwise distributing explosive materials (or a holder of a user permit disposing of surplus stock to a licensee; a holder of a user permit; or a holder of a limited permit who is within the same State as the distributor) who has the certified information required by this section may sell or distribute explosive materials to a licensee or permittee for not more than 45 days following the expiration date of the distributee's license or permit, unless the distributor knows or has reason to believe that the distributee's authority to continue business or operations under this part has been terminated.

  • § 555.41 General.

    (i) Each person intending to engage in business as an importer or manufacturer of, or a dealer in, explosive materials, including black powder, must, before commencing business, obtain the license required by this subpart for the business to be operated.

  • § 555.124 Records maintained by licensed dealers.

    (2) Name or brand name of manufacturer and name of importer (if any).

  • § 555.122 Records maintained by licensed importers.

    (2) Name or brand name of manufacturer and country of manufacture.

  • § 555.109 Identification of explosive materials.

    (i) The name of the manufacturer; and

  • § 555.30 Reporting theft or loss of explosive materials.

    (1) The manufacturer or brand name.

  • § 555.105 Distributions to limited permittees.

    (2) A licensed importer, licensed manufacturer or a licensed dealer may distribute explosive materials to a holder of a limited permit if such permittee is a resident of the same State in which the licensee's business premises are located, the holder of the limited permit presents in person or by mail ATF Form 5400.4, Limited Permittee Transaction Report (LPTR), and the licensee completes Form 5400.4 in accordance with § 555.126(b). In no event will a licensee distribute explosive materials to a holder of a limited permit unless the holder presents a Form 5400.4 with an original unaltered and unexpired Intrastate Purchase of Explosives Coupon (IPEC), ATF Form 5400.30, affixed. The coupon must bear the name, address, permit number, and the coupon number of the limited permittee seeking distribution of the explosives.

  • § 555.42 License fees.

    (1) Manufacturer—$200.