Searching for “Limited permit”

  • § 555.106 Certain prohibited distributions.

    (3) A holder of a limited permit who is a resident of the State where distribution is made and in which the premises of the transferor are located.

  • § 555.46 Renewal of license or permit.

    (b) A user-limited permit is not renewable and is valid for a single purchase transaction. Applications for all user-limited permits must be filed on ATF F 5400.16 or ATF F 5400.21, as required by § 555.45.

  • § 555.43 Permit fees.

    (2) Each applicant for renewal of a limited permit must pay a fee of $12 for a one-year period.

  • § 555.126 Limited Permittee Transaction Report for distribution of explosive materials.

    (2) Before distributing explosive materials to a limited permittee, the licensee or permittee must obtain an executed Form 5400.4 from the limited permittee with an original unaltered and unexpired Intrastate Purchase of Explosives Coupon (IPEC) affixed. Except when delivery of explosive materials is made by a common or contract carrier who is an agent of the limited permittee, the licensee, permittee, or an agent of the licensee or permittee, must verify the identity of the holder of the limited permit by examining an identification document (as defined in § 555.11) and noting on the Form 5400.4 the type of document presented. The licensee or permittee must complete the appropriate section on Form 5400.4 to indicate the type and quantity of explosive materials distributed, the license or permit number of the seller, and the date of the transaction. The licensee or permittee must sign and date the form and include any other information required by the instructions on the form and the regulations in this part.

  • § 555.121 General.

    (b) ATF officers may enter the premises of any licensee or holder of a user permit for the purpose of examining or inspecting any record or document required by or obtained under this part (see § 555.24). Section 843(f) of the Act requires licensees and holders of user permits to make all required records available for examination or inspection at all reasonable times. Section 843(f) of the Act also requires licensees and permittees (including holders of limited permits) to submit all reports and information relating to all required records and their contents, as the regulations in this part prescribe.