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  • § 447.43 Terms of permit.

    (a) Import permits issued under this subpart are valid for two years from their issuance date unless a different period of validity is stated thereon. They are not transferable.

  • § 447.41 Permit requirement.

    (a) Articles on the U.S. Munitions Import List will not be imported into the United States except pursuant to a permit under this subpart. For articles subject to control under parts 478 or 479 of this chapter, a separate permit is not necessary.

  • § 447.42 Application for permit.


  • § 447.44 Permit denial, revocation or suspension.

    (a) Import permits under this subpart may be denied, revoked, suspended or revised without prior notice whenever the appropriate ATF officer finds the proposed importation to be inconsistent with the purpose or in violation of section 38, Arms Export Control Act of 1976 or the regulations in this part.

  • § 447.45 Importation.

    (a) Articles subject to the import permit procedures of this subpart imported into the United States may be released from Customs custody to the person authorized to import same upon his showing that he has a permit for the importation of the article or articles to be released. For articles in Categories I and III imported by a registered importer, the importer will also submit to Customs a copy of the export license authorizing the export of the article or articles from the exporting country. If the exporting country does not require issuance of an export license, the importer must submit a certification, under penalty of perjury, to that effect.

  • § 447.2 Relation to other laws and regulations.

    (b) The permit procedures of subpart E of this part are applicable to all importations of articles on the U.S. Munitions Import List not subject to controls under 27 CFR Part 478 or 479. U.S. Munitions Import List articles subject to controls under 27 CFR Part 478 or 27 CFR Part 479 are subject to the import permit procedures of those regulations if imported into the United States (within the meaning of 27 CFR Parts 478 and 479).

  • § 447.52 Import restrictions applicable to certain countries.

    (f) Applicants desiring to import articles claimed to meet the criteria specified in paragraph (e) of this section shall explain, and certify to, how the firearms meet the criteria. The certification statement will be prepared in letter form, executed under the penalties of perjury, and should be submitted with the application for an import permit. The certification statement must be accompanied by documentary information on the country or area of original manufacture and on the country or area of storage for the five year period immediately prior to importation. Such information may, for example, include a verifiable statement in the English language of a government official or any other person having knowledge of the date and place of manufacture and/or the place of storage; a warehouse receipt or other document which provides the required history of storage; and any other document that the applicant believes substantiates the place and date of manufacture and the place of storage. The appropriate ATF officer, however, reserves the right to determine whether documentation is acceptable. Applicants shall, when required by the appropriate ATF officer, furnish additional documentation as may be necessary to determine whether an import permit application should be approved.

  • § 447.56 Authority of Customs officers.

    (a) Officers of the U.S. Customs Service are authorized to take appropriate action to assure compliance with this part and with 27 CFR Parts 478 and 479 as to the importation or attempted importation of articles on the U.S. Munitions Import List, whether or not authorized by permit.

  • § 447.46 Articles in transit.

    Articles subject to the import permit procedures of this subpart which enter the United States for temporary deposit pending removal therefrom and such articles which are temporarily taken out of the United States for return thereto shall be regarded as in transit and will be considered neither imported nor exported under this part. Such transactions are subject to the Intransit or Temporary Export License procedures of the Department of State (see 22 CFR Part 123).

  • § 447.51 Import certification and delivery verification.

    Pursuant to agreement with the United States, certain foreign countries are entitled to request certification of legality of importation of articles on the U.S. Munitions Import List. Upon request of a foreign government, the appropriate ATF officer will certify the importation, on Form ITA-645P/ATF-4522/DSP53, for the U.S. importer. Normally, the U.S. importer will submit this form at the time he applies for an import permit. This document will serve as evidence to the government of the exporting company that the U.S. importer has complied with import regulations of the U.S. Government and is prohibited from diverting, transshipping, or reexporting the material described therein without the approval of the U.S. Government. Foreign governments may also require documentation attesting to the delivery of the material into the United States. When such delivery certification is requested by a foreign government, the U.S. importer may obtain directly from the U.S. District Director of Customs the authenticated Delivery Verification Certificate (U.S. Department of Commerce Form ITA-647P) for this purpose.