§ 447.42 Application for permit.

    1. 1.(1) Persons required to obtain a permit as provided in § 447.41 must file a Form 6—Part I. The application must be signed and dated and must contain the information requested on the form, including:

      1. i.(i) The name, address, telephone number, license and registration number, if any (including expiration date) of the importer;

      2. ii.(ii) The country from which the defense article is to be imported;

      3. iii.(iii) The name and address of the foreign seller and foreign shipper;

      4. iv.(iv) A description of the defense article to be imported, including

        1. A.(A) The name and address of the manufacturer;

        2. B.(B) The type (e.g., rifle, shotgun, pistol, revolver, aircraft, vessel, and in the case of ammunition only, ball, wadcutter, shot, etc.);

        3. C.(C) The caliber, gauge, or size;

        4. D.(D) The model;

        5. E.(E) The length of barrel, if any (in inches);

        6. F.(F) The overall length, if a firearm (in inches);

        7. G.(G) The serial number, if known;

        8. H.(H) Whether the defense article is new or used;

        9. I.(I) The quantity;

        10. J.(J) The unit cost of the firearm, firearm barrel, ammunition, or other defense article to be imported;

        11. K.(K) The category of U.S. Munitions Import List under which the article is regulated;

      5. v.(v) The specific purpose of importation, including final recipient information if different from the importer; and

      6. vi.(vi) Certification of origin.

      1. i.(i) If the appropriate ATF officer approves the application, such approved application will serve as the permit to import the defense article described therein, and importation of such defense article may continue to be made by the licensed/registered importer (if applicable) under the approved application (permit) during the period specified thereon. The appropriate ATF officer will furnish the approved application (permit) to the applicant and retain two copies thereof for administrative use.

      2. ii.(ii) If the Director disapproves the application, the licensed/registered importer (if applicable) will be notified of the basis for the disapproval.

  1. b.(b) For additional requirements relating to the importation of plastic explosives into the United States on or after April 24, 1997, see § 555.183 of this title.